Self Healing Visualisation CD

This lovely recording helps you to revitalise your being and find your inner healing; we move in turn through each of your major chakras, the principal energy centres of your body, breathing through each one, filling you with light and colour, cleansing & renewing each part of your being, in body, emotions, mind and spirit. Following this, you are guided to attune yourself to the pure energy of healing to help you in finding spiritual strength, enlightenment, and spiritual love. Your own inner healing begins to work for you, with the natural rhythms and harmonies of the Angel Music from Spiritus Sanctus to help your inner being to flow with this deep experience.

Here is a tribute from Tracy in England, said after I had been quietly writing for a few years "Don't think for a second that you're not still teaching - I have learned so much from this Healing Visualisation CD even in this past year, and I have shared with others too!! You're definitely still helping to keep that lovely self empowering healing love flowing whether you're aware of it or not." 

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My Books 

I started by writing the stories about my amazing experiences whilst I was travelling for four years without a home finding this Path to Love, writing about the inspirations, the insights, and the creation of the workshops for the sharing of this beautiful and extraordinary path. Whilst writing it I started to see the origin of all this experience and why my travels took me so often to the Holy Land, because all that I have been teaching came to me from the time of Jesus, from the teachings shown to me by Jesus' brother Thomas, and my soul told me to write Thomas's book first, "The Thirteenth Disciple."

This amazing book has been translated into Italian by Paula Launonen, and has now been published in Italy as "Il Tredicesimo Discepolo" and is available from Edizioni Segnoor from me.


"The Thirteenth Disciple"                                                  

This is the story of Thomas from Nazareth, he was orphaned at the age of ten and was taken in by Joseph & Mary the parents of Jesus; when Jesus returned from his travels and prepared for his ministry amongst the Jews in what is now Israel, Thomas persuaded Jesus to take him too to look after him, to mend his clothes, make his camps, cook his food, do everything for him in order to always be with him. For the next four years he travelled with Jesus as his constant companion, learning from all his teachings, and becoming one of his great followers. This book is based on Thomas's unique experiences of the years of Jesus' ministry in Galilee and Jerusalem, and beyond.

This story is unique, it has never been told before; it is the story of Jesus told by his younger brother. Most people know about the story of Jesus, but as a Messiah, as a divine being, as someone truly awesome. No one knows what it was like to be with him as a brother, to live with him without awe, as an equal though younger brother. I wrote this book for Thomas, he guided me into sharing his experiences with Jesus so that I would learn and write his story in my words for our time; he is the source, this is his story. He will not say if he is the Thomas mentioned in the Christian gospels, but it seems likely even though he was so young when he was with Jesus. However his very youth makes it possible for him to have moved on to Egypt and then to India and taught in both places as the apostle of Jesus.

My journey with Thomas took four years, the same as his time with Jesus, and then there was another four years of trying to turn these experiences into words, into his personal Gospel, his unique experiences with his brother Jesus. This has often been difficult, because I am an ordinary person and this is an extraordinary task. I have done my best to live up to his story, to seek to understand and to live his path to love, and in spite of any shortcomings on my part, I know that this book is truth.

When you have read this book then your heart will tell you too that this is an authentic account from the time of Jesus.

Here is a tribute from a publisher's Reader Report "This is, without doubt, one of the most unique and compelling works I have read in some significant time and I have little doubt that other readers will feel the same way. The author has ensured that his gospel is as realistic and lifelike as possible and it would seem clear that a great deal of research has been invested into the book for it to be so vibrant and have such a ring of truth about it. As a novel, it is almost totally unique and certainly stands out against the current trend towards modern, edgy fiction. Instead it is a historical gem which glistens with religious and philosophical content and has a greater message to impart than many works which are currently selling well in the commercial marketplace.

The other element of appeal lies in the spiritual aspects of the piece. The theological aspects of the book are extremely interesting and this will also open up avenues as far as book buyers are concerned. The non canonical gospels are documents which have been well studied as illuminating texts in their own right and such a “gospel” as this, even one composed 2000 years after the events depicted therein, does undoubtedly have some theological value.

One of the most attractive elements of the work is the way in which the book is written. In fact, it does read very much like a lengthier version of existing gospel accounts and this adds credibility and appeal to the book in general. The author has a beautiful turn of phrase and is able to introduce a good deal of realism to the story he is telling by his careful manipulation of language." 

This amazing book has been translated into Italian by Paula Launonen, and has also been published in Italy as "Il Tredicesimo Discepolo" and is available from Edizioni Segnoor from me.

"The Thirteenth Disciple" was published in English in May 2019 with the help of Balboa Press, a branch of Hay House.

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"The Cosmology of Love"   love is the way, the only way

This book is a distillation of the wisdom that has come to me through living "The Thirteenth Disciple"  with Thomas, he brought to me a vision of healing and love that makes sense, that explains how and why healing works, and shows the primary importance of love in our lives.

We are an evolving species, the cutting edge of evolution, the first earth life with the consciousness to be able to choose to live as love. The Cosmology of Love is about the creation of the universe and the life within it, and gives you a structure to understand where we come from, where we are going, and why we are here. The author explains by using his experience, and takes you the reader step by step through the journey. There are twenty short chapters, each with a suggested meditative exercise to help you to connect with the content and have your own experiences. This beautifully written book is a unique and precious guide for life; it is for you, and you will love it.

This book was published in December 2018 with the help of Balboa Press, and it is available through them, and through book sellers, and I have copies available myself.

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