Following the whispers of my Soul 

This page is still being written, I have hundreds of pages of my journals and letters to review, and from them to distill a shorter piece for here to reflect my life's journey and the journeys that have made it so exciting.

Sometimes I feel as if I have lived three lives already this time around, the stages feel so different from each other. First came the life in the western world that we in that society have allowed to be created in our name, based in shifting sand, in the desire to possess, built on fear and greed, many stressful years for me. One day when I was about forty five years old, I had a deep inner experience of healing the pain that had been with me for seventeen long years.

Then came thesecond  life when I was released from that world into learning about healing, and then teaching what I most needed to learn, more healing, giving me fifteen exciting years of exploration into new knowledge.

Now this third life, based on love, built on eternal foundations; this current ten years has been quite simply electrifying, I've left everything behind me and set out to learn about love, and then to teach what I most needed to know, learning to be love, how to simply “be love”.

I don't succeed all the time, life brings ever more new challenges, and to each love is the way through, love is the answer, it is the only way.