This book shows your place in eternity, why you are here, what you are here to do.

Contents of “The Cosmology of Love”                                             

                        Preface; my journey                                                  






  1. Love is Life                                                            
  2. Love Learned is who you are                              
  3. Love Denied is your pain and your learning             
  4. God who is Love                                                    
  5. Finding your Heart Space                                     
  6. How Love holds all Life                                         
  7. The Love from the Earth                                       
  8. The Polarity of complementary elements.          
  9. All the Love you can ever Need.                          
  10. The Love from Heaven.                                        
  11. This moment of Now.                                            
  12. The Sacred Heart.                                                
  13. The Star of Love                                                   
  14. The Separation from God who is Love              
  15. All Time is Here                                                    
  16. Weaving the Tapestry of Beauty                         
  17. The Eternal Soul                                                   
  18. The Eternal Soul is your future.                           
  19. Finding the Good in the World.                           
  20. Learning to share your Heart.                             




Preface; my journey


How did this book ever happen? For 30 years I worked in business doing many varied and interesting things, and had little connection with anything outside the physical and mental world. Mostly I buried the emotional and denied the spiritual dimensions; I had brushes with the spiritual, I had some strange experiences, and I acknowledged them, but then moved on without paying them further attention. I had no need of a Cosmology for Love.

It was seventeen long years of pain that finally brought me to a standstill in my middle years; it was then I discovered that I didn’t need to have the pain. Inner healing processes awoke in me, a growing awareness of a new gift, or rather the awakening of a slumbering, imprisoned gift. It took me another five years to find my path of liberation, and then another five years of deep learning before living a full time life of healing and then teaching healing too.

Five years later my soul sent me on a journey to discover my heart and love, and to understand that healing is love manifesting its presence within us. For fifteen more years I have travelled this path. Along the way I found that my highest self is my “eternal soul”, and that we are each part of an eternal soul. This turned my understanding on its head, I had always thought of my soul as part of me, but it has become perfectly clear that it is the other way around; my soul is not part of me, rather I am part of my soul, and my soul is eternal.

This eternal soul looks after me, a spiritual being guiding me along my path through life, to help me to find the best way so that I will do what I am here to do, and fulfil my life’s purposes. It was in Galilee in the autumn of 2002 after my first Gift of Love workshop when my soul spoke clearly in my heart that I had fulfilled one of my life’s main purposes, and shocked me by saying I could go back now if I wanted to. I chose to stay, and received many weeks of visionary experiences during the following years, and these matured into this Cosmology of Love.

My soul teaches me through visions and deep experiences, and showed me how love works within our universe, how the universe itself was born within love, dreamed in the heart of a loving Creator, and then made manifest. This vision showed me how we are living the Creator’s dream in this moment, living our part in the eternity of the soul’s path.

This book is sharing some of these visions with you to explain the Cosmology of Love as shown to me. Each chapter has a meditative exercise to give you the opportunity to have your own experiences alongside mine, and I encourage you to do so. The visions are my experiences, given to help me to understand why I am here and what my life is all about. Each chapter is written from my perspective, giving you the truth as I see it from what my soul has shown me, so when you come to the exercise please have an open mind to receive whatever your soul wishes you to see.





In this book I often use the words ‘Love’ and ‘God’, and I know that many people have difficulty with one, or with both of them. When I reflect on what held me back from using the name of God in my early years, it was mainly due to the horrors of our world. I found it difficult to imagine that a loving God would allow such things to happen. How could a God who can do anything just watch the cruelties of war, and the ever present violence between people? Everywhere we look we can see ugliness; it seems to be endemic in our world. How could it be that there is a loving God behind all this?

The religion I grew up with did not answer this question for me; I prefer not to use the name Christian because it has the connotations of a sometimes very violent history. I see this especially in the Crusades, but also in the Inquisition, and in the murder of countless gifted people in the name of witchcraft. Even today we are hearing of the shocking abuse of young children in the care of the church. Nevertheless, many good people have lived lives of courage and love to remind us that Jesus taught love. I too love the Jesus who taught love. It seems to me less important whether Jesus was the Messiah or the Christ, and far more important is his message of love.

So I started to look for love in our world, thinking it would be difficult to find. And it was not difficult, everywhere I looked I found love, all we have to do is look and it is there. All the rest is our learning, our exploring to find what nourishes our being. Usually it is through experiencing the fear and pain of the world, which we do not want, that we eventually discover the nourishment that we do want, and that nourishment is everything that makes our heart feel good. There is a whole world in your heart, it is there for joy and love, it flourishes in peace and beauty, it spreads harmony and happiness to the world around, it welcomes fun and laughter, it is the home of all that is best in us.

It was in my later years that I started to learn more about the heart and love, especially through teaching workshops on love, and helping others to open their hearts to themselves, and to each other, and to the sources of life and love. For me it is true that we teach what we most need to learn.

Through this it also became clear to me that the energy that creates life is love. Love lifts the dust of the earth into life. Life only exists because of this energy. Just as we are nurtured in our mother’s womb as we come into life, so too we are carried throughout life within a wave of love. This is a love that is always here for us. It is fully sufficient for all our needs. All we have to do is be open to it, and to receive it.

The vision my soul gave me showed a loving creator of all of this, our universe. This helped me to know that just as God is love, so too Love is God. Love is the presence of God in our physical world. Wherever you find love, you are in the presence of the Creator. So now I use the words Love and God freely, knowing that Love is Life, and that God is “God who is Love” and only love, and they are all one.

The purpose of this book is to help you to experience this too, to feel the truth that love is the essence of your being, and that same love is the energy that gives you life, through the ever patient presence of the Creator within you.



Introduction; the fabric of creation


This moment now, as you are reading these words, is an opportunity, like the invitation of an open doorway. If you will enter there is a new world waiting for you. I ask you to come with me now; allow me to take you on a journey in your imagination, a journey shown to me by my eternal soul. Let us go together now to the place from where love, as we know it, begins; to the very essence of the Creator of our universe. Before this universe began there was only the Creator, only love, nothing else existed; only love in the darkness before our light was born.

Imagine this warm safe loving place in the heart of the Creator. Imagine flying back through all eternity to be in this love then, before the beginning of everything we know. Feel yourself there now, within this loving being, whose consciousness is playing with the basis of love, and dreaming a new vision of a different aspect of being.

In your imagination see this Being of Love holding the vision of a new creation, whose beginning will be an explosion of light. See how the principles for this new universe of light are falling into place. Imagine that everything within it is permeated with the vitality of love, and with the essences of spirit, and of consciousness, and of vision. See that these elements are infused into every photon of the explosion of light to come, and into every ripple of energy and every tiny particle about to emerge in this new universe, held there in Love.  

Imagine that on this higher plane, the level of love, these essences of consciousness, spirit and vision are the elemental and invisible threads that hold everything in the universe in harmony. All these elements are attracted to themselves and to each other, they are the spiritual gravity that brings everything together in an ever growing complexity, quietly drawing love to love, drawing it to itself.

Imagine consciousness evolving within this divine mechanism. The inner wisdom implanted in every particle of creation made consciousness seek itself and grow. Within consciousness there is also vision; vision enables us to see more than we are, to see beyond ourselves, to understand what else there is, to see the spiritual dimension of our world, and there to find love. These elemental essences of creation, consciousness, vision, spirit, and love, are all drawing each other together from within the soup of the universe.

Imagine love finding itself everywhere and growing, see it as a fundamental process of evolution, one that we cannot change or even influence, because it is implanted in the very essence of the universe. We can only choose; we can flow with it and grow, or we can slowly fade resisting it. When we start to see with love, then we start to know, to understand. We can then begin to let go of our limiting ideas, and to live our part of the stream of life. The stream of life is the coming together of love. All this my soul has shown to me in visions and meditations, I know that for me it is true. Come through this book with me and find it for yourself.



Origins; where we came from


The Earth is a cradle, a safe place where life can evolve into consciousness; it has been our cradle in which we have been reared and nurtured. Our Earth is one of the countless mothers of life throughout the universe, and maybe they are in communion with each other; like the whales in the ocean perhaps they can speak over the vast distances and hear each other. I like to imagine that their voices pulse like waves through the universal fields of attraction that are fundamental to everything.

Make yourself comfortable for a story; we are going on another journey in our imagination. See yourself opening like a flower basking in the sunshine. Imagine that you have roots like a tree spreading down deep into mother Earth. Allow the Earth’s nourishing energy to flow into you. Feel her Love for all living things, all her children; know that she loves you too. Allow the child within you to nestle into her arms while she tells you her story of our beginnings.

“We are made of heavy matter,” she says, “and the particles that make life are large and complex. It was not always like this. My father the sun, your grandfather, still has some of the fires of the beginning, but the true beginning was when his grandfather was born.”

“This happened when the Creator opened a hand and light exploded into being, it was thus that our fiery universe began. From these fires the first suns were born; my great grandfather was one of these, light and hot, filled with the exuberance of the young. There were no planets then, no cool places to sit in the shade with the sound of gently running water.”

“These suns lived their long lives, and in their exploding ends they forged new and heavier materials, creating my Grandfather’s generation. New and heavier suns were born, still too light for life, still no planets with waves on the sea shore. They too lived their long lives, but in their exploding ends, the atoms of life were born, and from these the third generation of suns came to life. My father, our sun, is one of these.”

“After my Father had settled into his place on the quiet edge of our vast family of suns, I was born along with my brothers and sisters, the planets and moons that you know too. Every step of this path was in the mind of the Creator even before the explosion of light that marked the beginning. The first purpose was that life would be born, and I am one of the countless mothers of life throughout the universe; we are all daughters of the grandchildren of the first multitude of suns.”

“As I moved from the fires of my youth into the calm of motherhood, the first life was born. Tender little things, simple, but living, and I gave them all a mother’s Love. Over the millions of years that followed, the next stage of the Creator’s purpose was achieved; life evolved into ever more complex forms, and from them conscious life was born.”

“Conscious beings are the children of all the forms of life that preceded them. They exist only because of the ones who lived before, each has its vital place in the patterns of evolution. I have given them all a mother’s Love.”

“You are truly children of the stars and at the leading edge of evolving life; everything that ever was has helped to bring you to where you are. Give them all your love and gratitude as you prepare to move on and evolve into the next stage of the Creator’s purpose, whatever that may be.”




I want to remind you that this book is the truth for me, based on the visions brought to me by my eternal soul; each chapter has a descriptive sentence after the title, and this reflects my experiences.  I encourage you to reflect on my experiences and visions, and be open to your own interpretations and experiences, seeing them alongside mine.



Chapter 1; Love is life.

How does the dust of the earth become the living being that you are?


Do you sometimes wonder how life happens, and how the dust of the earth becomes you? The difference between the living you and the dust of the earth is incalculable. Yet you came from that dust, and you will return to that dust. The food that nourishes you comes from that dust, and mostly grows in that dust. Where does life come in? At what point does dust become life? What makes the difference?

The visions from my soul show me that love is that which holds us in life, love provides the energy for life, love has that power. We don’t have a word for this power of love, but we know it through the feel of it. Love is a state of being, and it also has an almost tangible presence which we sense, yet our minds have few words to describe or explain it. The ancient Greeks called this highest form of love “agápē", it is the love of humans for God, and the love of God for all creation; it is a transcendent love, universal and unconditional.

Everyone who is loved is alight with life. If you want your loved ones to shine, help them to know that they are loved, and they will become radiant. That radiance is their invisible aura afire with love. The presence of one who knows they are loved is like a beautiful beacon, shining for the world. It is wonderful, truly full of wonder, and we treasure it. When a human beacon is shining with love, we can see it, and we like it, indeed we love it! We are nourished by it too, we feel better by just being there with someone who is radiant with love.

Why do we feel better? That is in part what this book is all about, but in summary my soul tells me that we live by receiving love into our heart, and the more love we receive the better we feel. So anyone who shines a great light of love into our life is giving us nectar for our heart. Without love we fade and wither, without love there is no life. Love is life, so choose life, and choose love to nourish your heart.


Now let me encourage you to take an inner moment for you. If you are accustomed to meditation, follow your personal practices. For most of us, we need some guidance. First, sit comfortably, with your back and shoulders as straight as possible. Now consciously relax, take a few deep slow breaths, and then let your awareness travel through your body looking for any pockets of tension, and release them. Then calm your mind, empty the thoughts; easier said than done you may find, if so use images of beauty, peacefulness and love. Imagine yourself sitting in a special place, maybe under a tree beside a gentle stream, with sounds of running water, and the rustling of leaves in a light breeze, and a scent like wild thyme.

Imagine love shining into your being, breathe it in, and invite your heart to open like a flower to receive it. Say “Yes!” in your heart and accept this gift of love, and breathe the love into every corner of your being. Bathe yourself in its beauty, and feel a deep sense of gratitude.

 Now invite your soul to be with you, so you can be aware of its presence. Welcome it and be still, just being together. After a while, ask your soul to give you an image of love and life, to feel how receiving love brings life, and how this relates to you and your experience.



Chapter 2; Love Learned is who you are;

At your life’s end all you can take back to your eternal soul is the love that you are; the love that you have learned in this lifetime is who you become.


All that you might think of as “not love” you must leave behind; it was but guidance for your learning. So what is “not love”? What is less than love, what is this learning? Why is there all this pain, this hurt, anger, and grief, all this rage, this jealousy, this shame, why all this that feels to be less than love?

My soul shows me that it is there as a signpost to show you that this is not the way. As such it is ephemeral and ceases to be when you leave it behind; in truth it is part of love too. Imagine yourself as a seed planted in the earth, the roots of the young plant grow out, seeking nourishment in the darkness of the soil under the earth. It is through this seeking that the learning comes, tasting everything, discovering what nourishes, and discovering what does not nourish. Eventually, when the plant is ready, a shoot grows up into the light, and the shoot flowers into beauty. The flower is the expression of love created by all the plant, and it is the flower that we take with us, it is the flower that shines in the tapestry of the universe.

Your whole purpose in living this life is to learn about love. This is the journey of your eternal soul, of whom you are a living part. When you return to your eternal soul at your life's end you become that love that you have known. The love that you have experienced, given, and received in your life time is who you are; you are nothing more nothing less. So it is good to start remembering; all the joy, all the fun, all the love, the peace, the beauty, all that makes your heart sing, all that makes up your own personal tapestry of love. The more you see the love in your life, and the more you are open to that love, the more you will create love in the remainder of your life, and the more you will have become when your time here is ending.

To become a loving being requires more than giving love; we all give love, it is our pleasure to love. Receiving love often seems less important, some might say self-indulgent, but there are other very important aspects to receiving love. Your inner reservoir of love is finite. Whenever your heart is giving more than it is receiving it must be refuelled, or one day it may come close to empty. A heart running on empty will ask you to stop, even insist that you stop. Your heart needs fuel, your whole being needs fuel, and the fuel for life is love.

Receiving love is fundamental to a full life, and to receive love you must be open. When your heart is open it sometimes gets hurt, but you will learn from the hurts. The only strong heart is an open heart, open to receive and to give. With an open heart you can become a great river of love, with the Creator’s love flowing through you and into the world. To give love freely you must start with an open heart, and then you can receive and give love in unlimited quantities.

This is your doorway to infinity and eternity. Love is unlimited, and you can be an infinite stream of love sending its waves throughout all of space and time.


Take a few minutes for yourself again; relax, breathe deeply, and then settle into your special place. Imagine the love of all who love you, and all who ever have loved you, and indeed all who ever will love you; imagine being open like a flower and consciously receive their love. Say “Yes!” in your heart, “Yes!” and “Thank you” and bathe in its beauty. Fill yourself full to overflowing with this love; in receiving the love from another you honour their love for you.

Allow this love to bathe every level of your being, your body, your emotions, your consciousness, and your spirit. Feel every cell opening too, every cell is a living part of you and needs love to live. Imagine yourself floating in a warm safe sea of love.

When you feel ready, radiate love from your now wide open heart back to all who love you, they will feel your gratitude, and love you more fully. Now radiate love back into the being of the Creator, the one who is love itself. Imagine yourself becoming a shining beacon of love for all this great creation, unlimited by space or time, your love fills all eternity. you are in God’s presence here, now, in this moment.



Chapter 3; Love Denied is your pain and your learning

This alone is reason enough for you to want to receive and to accept love; love is life, your life, but love is also essential for your healing.


Within each of us there are countless atoms which through the ages have been part of innumerable living beings. In its beginning each atom was forged in the living and dying of suns. We are truly born from the stars, children of millions of years of life, and the universe itself has needed all this time to create us. Now here you are, living in awareness of all of this; you are truly a child of the universe and of all that has been before you.

My eternal soul gave me a vision to explain how love works within each one of us. This showed me that every atom in creation has its own spark of spirit and of consciousness. This also means that every atom has an element of life. In order that it may live it must be fed with the energy of life, which is love. Each living cell within you is a complex being, made of millions of atoms. This very complexity lifted it over a threshold into this visibly living level of life; another level of being drawn from the more elemental soup of matter. All these billions of cells that make you are held in life by love’s life energy, and will suffer if they are denied the flow of love that they need.

When your being suffers and retains the memory of suffering then this energy of suffering is held within you, and some cells are chosen to hold it. These cells are wrapped up tightly by your mind so that the memory is buried, to shield you from remembering the pain of your suffering.  This process is what keeps it in your unconscious, well below the awareness of your consciousness; “out of sight, out of mind” we say. This is how we try to bury the unforgettable.

There is an important but unintended consequence of this burial of painful memories. The cells that hold the memory are denied the free full flow of love that they need for life, so they start to suffer for the lack of love’s life-giving energy. In addition to being denied love they are also storing the unhealthy energy of the memory itself, and the combination of these two factors means that one day these cells may become sick.

The pain of such sickness is the body’s message to you, intended to draw your mind back into remembering and allowing the suffering in the memory to be played out now in a safer time, and released. It is a perfect inner feedback system, but if the memory is too painful or traumatic, the mind doesn’t want to remember and it tries to keep the memory buried. The sickness then persists, and may spread to other cells, and to other parts of the body. In extreme situations the sickness may even become fatal, and although it may seem as if the mind would prefer that the body dies rather than remember the buried suffering, the truth is different; it is that the mind simply does not believe that it is responsible for these consequences.

This is the world in which we live and learn, the world our more recent ancestors have created, and we have upheld, and here we suffer through the denial of love in so many ways. Healing is the restoration of love to the places where love has been denied, so the body then is fed again, and can restore itself. With love brought in at the right time everything can be healed, and when love comes too late some damage may be irreversible, but the love still brings the being closer to harmony again. All healing that comes with love and from love is good, and the one who suffers has only to be willing to receive and to accept the love that is there for them.

Love denied is the basis for our suffering, and thus for our learning too, and love learned is our future. Love received changes everything; it opens us to this new level of being, a quantum leap from where we are. Becoming a loving being follows receiving love as surely as day follows night.


Give yourself some quiet time to assimilate this knowledge, and to feel if anything troubles you just now. Is there pain in your body? Is there a feeling, or a memory of a younger “you”? Take whichever comes and enfold it with love; imagine your open heart has wings like an angel’s, and fold the wings around the pain, or the memory, or the younger “you, and draw it into your heart’s love. Just hold it here, don’t try to fix it, or heal it, just love it, hold it tenderly in your heart and love it as you would a butterfly or a little bird, or a little child. Treasure this moment, be in peace, in silence, in love. After a while, when the loving feels right, tell this place in you that held the memory, that you are sorry for the love it has been denied, knowing that this was not intended, and promise now to love it always. Feel the warmth of this encounter.



Chapter 4; God who is Love.  

The very presence of love in our world means that the Creator is here.


Many of us have been brought up in a religious way, and taught that God is love. Some religions ask us to believe that God can also show other more human faces. The great prophets and teachers who have come to us as messengers have often suffered with us, living out a human destiny. Whatever their suffering their message is that God is a God of Love, the Creator of everything, the power of the universe, love and nothing else; understanding love, compassionate love, only love.

My soul tells me that where you find love, there is God, because love is the manifestation of God in this physical universe. Where you find no love God is there too and you just did not find the love; it is always there for us, but we don’t always notice it or connect with it. My soul took me four times to visit Auschwitz, and other camps too, and kept me there for days at a time, and showed me how to find love even there.

All that exists in our universe is created in the heart of Love, and all that exists in our universe is but a fraction of the being of the Creator. How great this Creator is we can never know, but surely much more than we can ever imagine.

The vision that my soul gave me shows that the underlying essence of everything is love, that God is love and nothing else but love. This same vision also showed me that there is an infinite number of eternal souls. Their purpose is to live throughout eternity from the beginning to the ending of the universe, and on the way to learn everything that there is to learn about love. When that is achieved, they will flower as perfect love and return into the being of God, their Creator. The vision starts in the moments before creation when we and our universe were yet a dream in the heart of the Creator, a dream about to be made real. In this place of love the dream was manifested and held in love, and the eternal souls were given life, so every moment of eternity has been, is, and will be, held in love and sustained by love.

We have been created as spiritual beings too, with the ability to feel joy and love; the ability to find beauty in our world and in the universe around us; the ability to live in peace with ourselves and others; the ability to share in the harmony of a peaceful world; the ability to find happiness in ourselves and others. These are the finer feelings of humanity. They reflect the purpose of the eternal souls, a purpose given to them by the Creator, who gives us joy, love, peace, beauty, harmony, laughter, happiness, and all that feels good to us.

Whenever you feel low in spirits it is because your separation from love is more than you can cope with, and your ability to notice love has gone astray. With separation from our sources of love, this energy of life, our reserves can run low and may eventually run out. When our spirits are low we call it depression, and it is so, it is a deep hole in our store of love, an emptiness where love should be. There is one certain solution for this emptiness, and that is to be connected with the sources of love again so that love flows in and recharges that in us which is empty. Healing is love; healing is simply inviting in the presence of the highest spiritual source that we know, for me this is the Creator of everything, God who is Love. Healing offers love to fill the emptiness, and so to make us whole again.

God who is love is here as love, giving life to the eternal souls and through them to us and to all life.


Pause again, and take time for yourself, time to sense how this loving being of the Creator feels to you. Relax your body and your mind and take your attention into a calm and peaceful place. Imagine being at the beginning of everything, before our universe came into being. Imagine the eternity of the Creator’s vision. Accept the Creator’s gift of life and love, and breathe it into every corner of your being, and just bathe yourself in this beauty. Then see the purpose that created your eternal soul, and feel your purpose too, your part in all of this. Be grateful, say “thank you” in your heart to God who is Love, and just be still in the beauty of gratitude.



Chapter 5; finding your Heart Space

Your heart space is the place where love and peace can live within you, your centre of loving; it is here that all your spirituality finds its focus and it is your natural spiritual home.


All of us can find and use our heart space whatever our chosen spiritual path. Different peoples and cultures have their own ways of honouring their vision of our Creator, yet it is the same Creator, the same God who made us all. We are all one being in God, each seeing the path to God from differing perspectives, all of which are true if in their essence they teach that the Creator is love and that the only way to God is through love.

All of us can recognise and consciously use our own heart space, our centre of loving, both for healing ourselves, and for healing others around us. This is a place deep within you, a place of peace and beauty, in the centre of your chest, a little above and behind your heart, in front of your spine. There is a plexus of nerves there too. In your imagination, create your own private Garden of Eden here full of trees and flowers, with birds and animals, and flowing waters, and maybe a lake and hills, and mountains too. Like Eden it is a place where you are one with God.

Going into your heart, into this inner heart space, becomes easier the more you do it. With practise you will find it simply by breathing love into your heart and seeing your private place of beauty within you. First it is best to relax, to allow your body to be at rest, to let it settle into the comfort of your chosen place. If you are practiced in meditation and prayer then use the method you prefer; if not, use a comfortable chair with good support, just try not to fall asleep. If you do it doesn’t matter, next time you will go a little further, and so on, as you practise.

There is a very important reason why it is good to relax. Your body responds to stress with adrenaline which puts more of your energy into your heart and brain. The purpose of this is to focus your attention and your physical abilities so that you can respond strongly to any perceived threat to your safety. The body achieves this by temporarily taking away the energy that is used by less immediately important functions. These include your immune system, your cell repair and renewal system, and your food digestion system. The antidote to this process is relaxation, and rest, which then trigger the reverse reaction, so that all your longer term vital systems are switched back on again.

In today's hectic and unnaturally industrialised world stress is everywhere, and stress based in persistent fear or anxiety is harmful. Even though this is well known the management of many organisations do use methods which induce such long term stress. We become so used to living in stress that it seems to become normal, but not for the body. Your body is crying out for opportunities to relax your heart and mind from this unhealthy state of constant high alert. Your body is also desperate to restore your vital systems; your immune system to keep you well; your digestive system to cope with the rich foods we often eat; your renewal systems to put right that which is wearing out. Indeed your body wants to quietly get on with doing all the natural and healthy things it is designed to do. All of them are important, so by making a daily habit of regular relaxation you will help your body more than you might expect.

Your emotions are also a part of your body. They are the language of your body speaking to you, telling you how it feels right now about what is happening to it. On the simplest level, if you feel good then all is well with your body. If you aren’t sure or feel bad, then all is not well and it is good to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. For you to be in harmony within this complex being that you are, you must learn to be aware, and listen within to what your body is trying to say. It is like being married to a partner from a different world, who speaks a language you don’t know. In order to sustain such an intimate relationship you need to learn a method of communication with each other.

When your body feels safe your emotions will feel good, and when your mind is also in peace you will cease to be aware of anything else but good feelings. Relaxing the mind is the key, and resting the body in front of the television does not rest the mind. This is because much of your stress may be created by the mind’s patterns of thought, so in order to relax the mind must be switched away from its daily chatter.

This is when being in your heart is especially helpful, because when you are in your heart then you are at peace, and your whole being is in a good place. Finding the heart is an inner journey, so you must try it for yourself. You cannot simply read about it, you must do it, you must go there yourself.


Try this journey in your imagination. Begin by relaxing your body, give it permission to be at rest, let it settle into your chosen place, sinking into the comfort. Some times when you feel especially stressed or tense, take your attention through your whole body, starting with awareness of your toes, move upwards slowly, consciously moving each part of you and inviting all the muscles to relax; as you come towards the shoulders go down to the fingers, and then up the arms to the shoulders and neck and head. Relax everything you can, and at the end feel the pleasure as your whole body and mind floats in peace.

Now take your attention into your heart, find a place behind the heart itself, just in front of your spine, this is the focus of your heart space, go here and feel peace. Now create for yourself a beautiful place here, like a Garden of Eden. Make this your own special place; make it with a stream and a lake, feel how you want it to be, and feel yourself there now in your meditation, hearing the sounds of flowing water and the lapping of wavelets on the shores of the lake, and the rustle of a breeze in the trees, maybe bees humming in the flowers and a nightingale singing in the bushes.

Stay in this place, and breathe up love from the earth to fill your being, full to overflowing. Now open your heart full, like a sunflower; feel the warmth of the sunshine, and breathe down love from heaven too, filling yourself again. Allow these flows of love to go everywhere in your being, bathing every cell, every atom, and just be there, suffused with divine love. This is what your heart centre is here for, to fill you with love.