“The Place of Creation”

This new workshop with Bill takes you beyond the heart and guides you into that divine space from whence you came, to reconnect you with God’s dream for you, to be your part of the living stream of consciousness from the beginning of the universe to the end of our time, to know better who you are.

We are born from love and we return to love at the end of life; in between we live our lives on earth in separation from that love and part of the purpose of life in this physical plane is so that we may learn to find love again, to become love again, to connect again with our creator.

But it is more that this, there is a tide of evolution flowing, and it is a flood tide reaching for its peak in this age now; this wave of evolution is lifting us closer to love, closer to the next stage of our growth. It is like a return to Eden, coming again in full consciousness to the divine place which we left so many ages ago. We are the cutting edge of evolution in the universe, consciousness becoming love, wherein all things are possible.

The workshop will take you into the place where God created you, for you to become one again and feel who you are, where you have been, and where you are going now. See below for the flier for the full four day experience we planned to hold in Nyack, New York in 2008.


“The Place of Creation” 

The purpose of life is to find love again, to become love.

Do you know the dream God has for you?

Are you ready for the Journey of a Lifetime?

o Life is love, and love is that which makes you alive.

o Learn to receive love and to live more.

o Listen with love, speak with love, and see with the eye of God.

o Enter the ocean of love on which the universe is built, from which all is made.

o Find the holy place of your creation, wherein all things are possible.

o Meet the divine dream for you and the soul's thread you represent on earth.

o Look through the veil and see where your truth is taking you now.

o Experience being love in profound new ways

In this workshop we will guide you to become one again, to feel who you are, where you have been, and where you are going now, in all this wonderful creation.

This workshop is suitable for everyone; if it speaks to you then it is for you,.These four intensive days truly make a journey of a lifetime.