Live your Path of Love

With Bill Wigram.

This website is about the Path to Love, it is about learning to be love, helping you to learn to be love.

Welcome to my journey; I teach Love, only Love and that which flows from Love. 

Your whole purpose in living this life is to learn about love, and when you go back to God at your life’s end you become that love that you have learned, it is you. The love that you have learned in your lifetime is who you are, you are nothing more nothing less. It is good to remember all the joy, all the fun, all the love, the peace, the beauty, all that makes your heart feel good, all that makes up your own personal tapestry of love. The more you see the love in your life, and the more you are open to that love, the more you will create love in the remainder of your life, and thus the more you will become for when your time here is over.


 Bill is a Unique Spiritual Guide, helping you to find your own path into Living in your Heart

This website is about finding your path to love, about following your personal journey into the divine. My journey has taken me to many countries, particularly to the Holy Land where I found that the presence of God is closer, and the words and presence of Jesus are still there to be found.

This led me into discovering a new world, a world in which people are starting to move from the pain and fear of where we’ve been into the love of where we are intended to be.

 “Our destiny is to create a world of Love, this is our purpose, to become Love.”

These are some of the words from Thomas from Nazareth, and he has tried to teach me what Jesus taught him; saying; “Jesus taught us well. First he showed us how to find our spiritual hearts, and then he taught us to make a space for love there. Next he helped us to fill this new space with an eternal flow of divine love, and then to open that space of flowing love for all the world, and so to become a beacon of love for God.”

I am here to help you

I am here to help you and others, to find your way, to learn to be love, this is my life’s main purpose.
You are living this life so you will learn to be all that you can be, to shine with the wonder and beauty of all that you are, this is the path of your eternal Soul.

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