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Teacher, Healer and Storyteller.

Bill is a rare spiritual teacher on the Path of Love, he shares his gift with everyone who he meets along his way, his path is both unique and exciting.

He was practising as a full time healer in the north east of England before taking his message to a wider world. He comes with a message of Love, Beauty and Harmony, and has guided many people to find their own path to truth on their way to becoming love. His message is simply to be love, to live as love, to awaken that part of us which is divine, and to come as close to “God who is Love” as we are able to.

He is at present writing his stories having come to rest for a while close by the Irish Sea in south west Scotland. He has also made a CD recording, a healing visualisation to guide you into your own inner healing.


This picture shows Bill hiking in the golden autumn in Larch Valley with his brother Peter and sister in law Catherine, simply loving the beauty of this place.

Bill says:

“I feel that I am an ordinary person who has been shown an extraordinary journey into Divine Love. I started my life path in business, interested in what I did but never settled, always looking for something more, wanting to leave the world a better place and wanting to know how to do this. After 30 years working in many industries, for twenty of those years I was a company director, of four different companies; then I discovered this gift of healing, and I knew that it was time to leave my comfortable life, and to follow the gift.”In 2002 I felt a strong calling to go to Israel, and I found the courage to leave everything behind me; that autumn I lived for nearly three months in Galilee, in the places where Jesus walked, healed and taught. While there this calling showed me a way to teach the first workshop; I was given a clear message, I had learned so many ways of connecting people into their Hearts and into Love that I was now to pass this gift on to as many people as possible.

“I was asked by my divine Soul to start the teaching in Jerusalem; I knew no-one there, but within days five workshops had been arranged, all by word of mouth and grace. I travelled without a home for nearly four years, many times to Israel, also to Poland, to Germany, and to Canada & USA; I am still travelling now in between writings.

“The deep experience of the workshops is in the way you work together in pairs, taking each other along the path, guided by my stories and meditations, you find your own path alongside the path that I am showing you. Because you experience this yourself and feel the processes within you, you then find ways into your own heart, you feel the Love that is there, and experience the Love coming to you from All who Love you, including your Creator. Working in pairs means also that you share the journeys of others, you help to guide another through their Path to Love and so you too experience the beauty that they find along their way.

“The extraordinary meditations take you on beautiful journeys into your heart and into Love; into feeling the power of Healing, a natural gift we all share, given to us by our Creator, shown to us so clearly by Jesus. The stories of my journey are poetry in themselves, and all this material you will receive if you want it, for you to pass on these workshops to others when you wish to do so. Helping others to find their Path to Love is pure Joy.

One happy student said:- “Bill showed me that the way to healing the depth of my own being is to open to the living stream of Love that inspires and renews me, balances and unites me, and connects me to the divine within. Once I am in this connection with the living life energy of love, I can open my heart and start to live as love.” So too can you.

She went on to say:- “This is the essence captured in the first workshop, “Passing on the Gift of Love”. For those who are seeking after truth, the experience of being touched by the Divine cannot ever be fully captured in words, it has to be experienced. The object of the second & third workshops “Let Go and Remember Love” and “Where Only Love can Be” is to go through the door and into the divinity of the human spirit.”

And she finished with:- “This is the message of our time; and this message is the call of every Soul to every being on earth, to bring us all to living the love that we are. Bill is a true Pioneer, a Seeker after Truth; he has been shown the way to a new world, and he wants you to share in this vision, and to find your own Path into becoming Love.”

Here in the quiet peace of south west Scotland I rest between my journeys and write my stories.

My journeys started in the Holy Land; here in the evening light on the Sea of Galilee there is still a fisherman who can cast a net, and there are wild asses beside the Jordan River.

After three months here my Soul sent me to Jerusalem to teach the Love that I found in Galilee, where the spirit of Jesus still walks the earth.

In the time of Jesus the second Temple of Solomon still stood here, and He walked and prayed there before the Romans destroyed it in 79CE; this ancient and beautiful Mosque was built 600 years later.

Two thousand years ago when these ancient olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane were yet young, Jesus walked and prayed here too.

These golden domes close by the Garden of Gethsemane mark the Russian Orthodox Convent for Mary Magdalene, a disciple beloved by Jesus.

This mosaic holds the sacred space above the tomb of Mary mother of Jesus, much loved by countless millions of people.

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