Let Go and Remember Love

The Second of the Extraordinary Workshops on the Path to Love
How well do You feel the Love that others feel for You?

This journey starts where the Gift of Love course ends, deep in the heart, in the Divine Centre of our being. The path we follow was given to Bill in meditation and in visions; it is the way to our Divine Soul, and we can safely travel along it with the Soul to guide us. We are taken into the Knowing of Love in preparation for the third workshop when we go to the Place where Only Love can Be.

Along the way we enjoy the extraordinary experiences of an extraordinary journey, visit with us:-

The Place of Release, of Letting Go, where all the unresolved issues of our life come to us

  • Release those who hurt you whenever you can
  • Accept the release of those that you have hurt
  • Know that God who is Love does not judge you so there is nothing in your life to forgive
  • Release yourself and start to become free
  • Explore too the deep hurts you are unable to let go
  • Feel the implications of carrying them with you.

The Place for Remembering Love, where we review all our life

  • Remember all the experiences when Love has touched you
  • Remember too when you have touched others with your Love
  • Start to Know what you have learned about Love in this lifetime.

The Places of Remembering Love for All Creation

  • All the orders of existence have their places here
  • Feel your loving connections with All Creation.

Take these steps along the way to the Divine that you are, come closer to God who is Love, be forever changed.

See what has been said of this experience:-

Kate Hall from Tyneside says “I truly feel that I have pushed open the Door to my Soul, and I look forward to continuing this beautiful journey”

This second workshop was given to Bill after another year of amazing experiences. Following the insistent prompting from his Divine Soul he went reluctantly to spend Christmas 2002 in the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, and then to Buchenwald, and to Bergen-Belsen for New Year. Here he experienced the most spiritual Christmas of his life, and here in the icy cold of Poland’s deep winter were sown the seeds of Love which gradually flowered in his heart through the spring and summer, and matured into this beautiful & healing experience in which you too will connect with the deepest aspects of all the Love in your life.

If you have not taken the workshop “Passing on the Gift of Love”, it is important to do this first.

"Domus Galilaeae"

What do you know about receiving love?
In this workshop you travel to the very limits of your being,

Jesus and his disciples

finding pathways that you did not know were there, because you could not see them.

Jesus and his disciples

Others have found ways,

Jesus and his disciples

and you too can open the Door to your Soul

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  • Liz Weir - a most special fellow traveller on this great spiritual journey, healer and teacher too.

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