Passing on the Gift of Love

The First of the Extraordinary Workshops on the Path to Love
Can you respond with love when life challenges you?

Living in your heart radiates Love and Peace into the world. With your gift of a Loving Heart, you can send waves of Love flowing into the world and help to start the journey towards the time when all life will be respected and all people will know that they are loved. This is the Path of Love, this is the way forward for the Evolution of Humanity.

In this workshop, you will learn to:-

  • Love yourself and your Creator
  • Listen with Love and to Love all creation, and each other
  • Speak with Love, and to speak your Truth about Love.
  • See with Love, with no judgement
  • See the Love in others
  • Start to Radiate your Understanding and Knowing of Love, opening the way to becoming Love.

Here is what some people have said about this workshop:-

Isaac Eliyahu Holly from Jerusalem “This workshop is very powerful and took me to another level. I have taken many courses with people from all over the world, but have never met anyone like Bill. He is a brilliant man and is very special. He radiates love, has an understanding I have not seen anywhere else and seems to be divinely inspired”.

Lyn Goddard from Ottawa “I have just enjoyed an amazing course entitled “The Gift of Love” from Bill Wigram in Ottawa. Bill has given up his home and all his belongings to travel the world teaching this course on Love”.

Suzanne Chorzepa’s from Quebec “I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and receive your wonderful teachings on the gift of Love. True Love incarnate, you are. Thank you for Who you are, for passing it on and for having chosen to share it with us. Your presence has helped me discover Who I AM. I am forever wonderfully ”altered” by your presence and message

Tracy from England “Thank you so much for such a wonderful loved up weekend! I really enjoyed it. I feel so well and good!

Bill is a healer and a spiritual teacher; at New Year 2002 he felt a calling to go to Israel, and that autumn he lived for two months in Galilee, in the places where Jesus walked, healed and taught. While there this calling showed him a way to teach this workshop; he was given a clear message, he had learned so many ways of connecting people into their Hearts and into Love that he was now to pass this gift on to as many people as possible and to start the teaching in Jerusalem. Knowing no-one there within days five workshops had been arranged, all by word of mouth and grace.

These workshops happen because someone decides that they want to have this unique experience of Love, and so they bring a Group together for a Workshop. Sometimes the workshops come together at very short notice, even a few days; if you are interested in creating a Group for a Workshop, please contact Bill to arrange a date.

"Domus Galilaeae"

How do you respond to life’s challenges? this workshop is about melting into the pure beauty of your heart,

Jesus and his disciples

and there finding the foundations that make you strong, so you can reach out and be the most that you can imagine,

Jesus and his disciples

and allow your heart to smile.

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  • Liz Weir - a most special fellow traveller on this great spiritual journey, healer and teacher too.

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