Self Healing Visualisation CD




This lovely recording helps you to revitalise your being and find your inner healing; we move in turn through each of your major chakras, the principal energy centres of your body, breathing through each one, filling you with light and colour, cleansing & renewing each part of your being, in body, emotions, mind and spirit. Following this, you are guided to attune yourself to the pure energy of healing to help you in finding spiritual strength, enlightenment, and spiritual love. Your own inner healing begins to work for you, with the natural rhythms and harmonies of the Angel Music from Spiritus Sanctus to help your inner being to flow with this deep experience.

Here is a tribute from Tracy in England, said after I had been quietly writing for a few years “Don’t think for a second that you’re not still teaching – I have learned so much from this Healing Visualisation CD even in this past year, and I have shared with others too!! You’re definitely still helping to keep that lovely self empowering healing love flowing whether you’re aware of it or not.”