The Cosmology of Love

This book shows your place in eternity, why we are here, what we are here to do.


The Cosmology of LoveIntroduction 

Origins: A Journey along the Pathway of Creation, Reminding Us Where We Came from

The evolution of conscious life has needed all the time there has ever been since the beginning of the universe for us to arrive at this moment. This is humanity’s opportunity. We can choose to become the very best that we are, and we can be so much more than we are achieving now. If we fail in this choice, we may be dissolved back into the soup of life until another opportunity emerges, as it surely will, maybe with another life form. Life knows the way, even if we choose not to see it.

The earth is a cradle, a safe place where life can evolve into consciousness; it has been our cradle in which we have been reared and nurtured. Our earth is one of the countless mothers of life throughout the universe, and maybe they are in communion with each other; like the whales in the ocean, perhaps they can speak over the vast distances and hear each other. I like to imagine that their voices pulse like waves through the universal fields of attraction that are fundamental to everything.

Make yourself comfortable for a story; we are going on a journey in our imagination. See yourself opening like a flower basking in the sunshine. Imagine that you have roots like a tree spreading down deep into mother earth. Allow the earth’s nourishing energy to flow into you. Feel her love for all living things, all her children; know that she loves you too. Allow the child within you to nestle into her arms while she tells you her story of our beginnings.

“We are made of heavy matter,” she says, “and the particles that make life are large and complex. It was not always like this. My father the sun, your grandfather, still has some of the fires of the beginning, but the true beginning was when his grandfather was born.

“This happened when the Creator opened a hand, and light exploded into being. It was thus that our fiery universe began. From these fires, the first suns were born; my great-grandfather was one of these, light and hot, filled with the exuberance of the young. There were no planets then, no cool places to sit in the shade with the sound of gently running water.

“These suns lived their long lives, and in their exploding ends, they forged new and heavier materials, creating my grandfather’s generation. New and heavier suns were born, still too light for life; there were no planets yet with waves on the seashore. These suns, too, lived their long lives. But in their exploding ends, the atoms of life were born. And from these the third generation of suns came to life. My father, our sun, is one of these.

“After my father had settled into his place on the quiet edge of our vast family of suns, I was born, along with my brothers and sisters, the planets and moons that you know too. Every step of this path was in the mind of the Creator, even before the explosion of light that marked the beginning. The first purpose was that life would be born, and I am one of the countless mothers of life throughout the universe; we are all daughters of the grandchildren of the first multitude of suns.

“As I moved from the fires of my youth into the calm of motherhood, the first life was born. Tender little things, simple but living, and I gave them all a mother’s love. Over the millions of years that followed, the next stage of the Creator’s purpose was achieved; life evolved into ever more complex forms. And from them, conscious life was born.

“Conscious beings are the children of all the forms of life that preceded them. They exist only because of the ones who lived before. Each has its vital place in the patterns of evolution. I have given them all a mother’s love.

“You are truly children of the stars and at the leading edge of evolving life; everything that ever was has helped to bring you to where you are. Give them all your love and gratitude as you prepare to move on and evolve into the next stage of the Creator’s purpose, whatever that may be. 

Another Journey to the Time before Creation: To Understand the Fabric of Creation Itself

This moment now, as you are reading these words, is an opportunity, like the invitation of an open doorway. If you will enter, there is a new world waiting for you. I ask you to come with me now; allow me to take you on a journey in your imagination, a journey shown to me by my eternal soul. Let us go together now to the place from where love, as we know it, begins—to the very essence of the Creator of our universe. Before this universe began, there was only the Creator, only love. Nothing else existed, only love in the darkness before our light was born.

Imagine this warm, safe, loving place in the heart of the Creator. Imagine flying back through all eternity to be in this love then, before the beginning of everything we know. Feel yourself there now, within this loving being, whose consciousness is playing with the basis of love and dreaming a new vision of a different aspect of being.

In your imagination, see this being of love holding the vision of a new creation, whose beginning will be an explosion of light. See how the principles for this new universe of light are falling into place. Imagine that everything within it is permeated with the vitality of love and with the essence of spirit and of consciousness and of vision. See that these elements are infused into every photon of the explosion of light to come and into every ripple of energy and every tiny particle about to emerge in this new universe, held there in love.

Imagine that, on this higher plane, the level of love, these essences of consciousness, spirit, and vision are the elemental and invisible threads that hold everything in the universe in harmony. All these elements are attracted to themselves and to each other; they are the spiritual gravity that brings everything together in an ever-growing complexity, quietly drawing love to love, drawing it to itself.

Imagine consciousness evolving within this divine mechanism. The inner wisdom implanted in every particle of creation makes consciousness seek itself and grow. Within consciousness there is also vision; vision enables us to see more than we are, to see beyond ourselves, to understand what else there is, to see the spiritual dimension of our world, and there to find love. These elemental essences of creation, consciousness, vision, spirit, and love, are all drawing each other together from within the soup of the universe.

Imagine love finding itself everywhere and growing, see it as a fundamental process of evolution, one that we cannot change or even influence, because it is implanted in the very essence of the universe. We can only choose; we can flow with it and grow, or we can slowly fade resisting it. When we start to see with love, then we start to know and to understand. We can then begin to let go of our limiting ideas and to live our part of the stream of life. The stream of life is the coming together of love. All this my soul has shown to me in visions and meditations, I know that, for me, it is true. Come through this book with me and find it for yourself.

Contents of The Cosmology of Love




Chapter 1              Love is Life

Chapter 2              Love Learned is Who You Are

Chapter 3              Love Denied Is Your Pain and Your Learning

Chapter 4              God Who Is Love

Chapter 5              Finding Your Heart Space

Chapter 6              How Love Holds All Life

Chapter 7              The Love from the Earth

Chapter 8              The Polarity of Complementary Elements

Chapter 9              All the Love You Can Ever Need

Chapter 10            The Love from Heaven

Chapter 11            This Moment of Now

Chapter 12            The Sacred Heart

Chapter 13            The Star of Love

Chapter 14            The Separation from God Who Is Love

Chapter 15            All Time Is Here

Chapter 16            Weaving the Tapestry of Beauty

Chapter 17            The Eternal Soul

Chapter 18            The Eternal Soul Is Your Future

Chapter 19            Finding the Good in the World

Chapter 20            Learning to Share Your Heart


"Domus Galilaeae"

This book is my heart speaking, it is what my heart knows about healing and love, it is a new vision.

Jesus and his disciples
Everything starts to make sense in the context of the journey of the eternal Soul; my lifetime is like a window on the river of time, and the whole river is the path of the Soul.
Jesus and his disciples
This book gives you a sense of direction, a knowing of where you come from and why you are here, and where you are going.
Jesus and his disciples
We come here as part of the Soul,
Jesus and his disciples
the Soul holds us in life so that we can learn through experience to know love more.
Jesus and his disciples
My life is like a stem of grass in the eternity of my Soul’s journey,
Jesus and his disciples
It is I who is part of my Soul, rather than that my Soul is part of me.
Jesus and his disciples
Everything I learn about love, this is what I become, and in the end it is all I can take back to my Soul.
Jesus and his disciples
I become the love that I have learned, nothing more, nothing less, it is who I am and why I am here.
Jesus and his disciples
This is so for you too, when life ends all you can take with you is the love that you have learned, the love that you know.
Jesus and his disciples
What better reason could there be to learn to be love?

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