The Thirteenth Disciple

This is the story of Jesus seen through the eyes of his brother Thomas


The Thirteenth DiscipleForeword by Edmund Wigram

This story is unique, it has never been told before; it is the story of Jesus told by his young brother Thomas. Most people know about the story of Jesus, but as a Messiah, as a divine being, as someone truly awesome. No one knows what it was like to be with him as a brother, to live with him without awe, as an equal though younger brother.

I wrote this book for Thomas, he guided me into sharing his experiences with Jesus so that I would learn and write his story in my words for our time; he is the source, this is his story. He will not say if he is the Thomas mentioned in the Christian gospels, but it seems likely even though he was so young when he was with Jesus. However his very youth makes it possible for him to have moved on to Egypt and then to India and taught in both places as the apostle of Jesus.

My journey with Thomas took four years, the same as his time with Jesus, and then there was another four years of trying to turn these experiences into words, into his personal Gospel, his unique experiences with his brother Jesus. This has often been difficult, because I am an ordinary person and this is an extraordinary task. I have done my best to live up to his story, to seek to understand and to live his path to love, and in spite of any shortcomings on my part, I know that this book is truth.

When you have read this book then your heart will tell you too that this is an authentic account from the time of Jesus.

Introduction by Thomas

My name is Thomas and I come from Nazareth in the Land of Galilee. This is my story of the four years that I travelled with my brother Jesus. When I was orphaned as a boy Mary and Joseph took me in, and soon after this Jesus returned home from his travels in the east. Jesus was ready to bring his teachings to our people, and he took me with him to care for him, make his camps, find his food, mend his clothes and shoes, and most importantly for me, to learn from him too.

This book is my testimony of the words and actions of the living Jesus during the four years that I was with him; it is my actual experiences of the teachings of love he brought to us in Galilee. Jesus taught us well; first he showed us how to find our innermost heart, and he taught us to make a space for love there. Next he helped us to fill this space with an eternal flow of divine love, and then to open that flow of love to the world, and become a beacon of love for God.

Jesus taught us about love, he only taught love, and he showed us why this is the only thing that matters in our lives. He said that when we die and return to God love is all we can take back to heaven. We draw together the knowledge of love from our life, and we become this love that we have learned, and as this love we return into the being of God.

He taught us how to find the sources of love within the realm of God. Love is the presence of God in our world, so he taught us how to attune to God’s love, and how to hold people in our hearts in love, because when they are in love they are in the presence of God, and this is the essence of healing. Jesus worked so much through healing, and he taught us to do it too, because the power and the beauty of healing is love. Healing is one of the finest ways to help people to become aware of the power of love, and to feel it working, and in their very choice to receive healing a person is opening themselves to love.

Once you have felt the touch of love you can learn to open your heart more easily, and when you are able to open your heart then you can receive love so much more fully. As soon as you are receiving love then everything follows naturally, because love is a flow, and in receiving love you are also allowing love to flow in you. In time you learn to live in that flow of love and to simply be love, and then you are becoming a beacon of love for the world.

Now you can easily fulfil Jesus’ great commandments, to love God, and to love your neighbour as yourself, remembering that absolutely everything in this universe is part of God and is therefore your neighbour, so you are to love all of this creation as you love yourself.

Jesus gave us a vision of God’s purpose in this creation, showing us why this universe is here, and why we are here in it, and where we are going, and how it is all about love. He took us into what was there before the beginning, and showed us that there was only love in the darkness, because this was before the light was born. Here in this great heart of God was dreamed our creation, and all of life within it, including each soul’s path that guides us from the beginning to the end, and he showed us that the soul is the essence of who we are.

He taught us that the soul has been learning about love through all the aeons of creation, and when each soul becomes ready it will flower as love, and as love it becomes God again. When the multitudes of souls are all ready, they will flower into the divine love that they are, and as love they will become the fulfilment of God’s dream and purpose for our universe.

The story of Jesus may change after we are gone, many people followed him, and each will have their own distinctive interpretation to give substance to their personal vision of this extraordinary presence of God on earth. Jesus told us that this would happen, and the way for you to know their truth is easy, as Jesus himself said; “if their words are love then they are mine.”

This amazing brother that I knew was a man of love and compassion above all, speaking powerful truth with great beauty, yet he was a man of lightness too, for he was full of fun. Truly he was a man filled with God’s presence, everyone who met Jesus loved him, and few resisted the supreme truth of his teachings of love.

We now know with certainty the divine truth brought to us by Jesus, and by other great prophets and teachers; this truth says clearly and without compromise, that love is the only way.

And this is my story.

"Domus Galilaeae"

This beautiful book was published in May 2019; the Italian translation by Paula Launonen was published in Italy in June 2014, by Edizioni Segno, and is available from them or from Bill.

Jesus and his disciples

There are so many beautiful places in the Holy Land marking their lives here two thousand years ago, this is the church remembering Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount,

Jesus and his disciples

and here the Synagogue in Capernaum where Jesus prayed along with the disciples,

Jesus and his disciples

this is the place of Jesus’ Transfiguration on top of Mount Tabor.

Jesus and his disciples

This is the serene church remembering the miracle of feeding five thousand people with only five loaves and two small fishes 

Jesus and his disciples

and under the altar is the very rock where Jesus made the miracle,

Jesus and his disciples

and in the courtyard of the church these fishes live in contentment.

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