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Healing and Love is my purpose

A wise seer once told me that my main purpose in this life is to find beauty and bring it into our world.

I find beauty everywhere I look, this world is an extraordinary creation of surpassing beauty, from the daintiest flowers to the mightiest mountains, all is full of beauty.

My interpretation of this mission for my life is to find beauty that we do not see, and introduce that into our world. The greatest beauty that I can find is in Love; our world is full of love, divine love, which holds every spark of life in love in order to feed it with the energy that brings life. This love is waiting patiently for us, we have been apart from it in our imaginations, believing that we are separated from the divine creator, but it is not so, without the flow of love in our being we would not exist. Our creator holds us silently, waiting for us to invite a more intimate communion, to invite love into our open heart, to receive love in gratitude, this is divine communion.

Path of Love workshops

This is the essence of my workshops too, they are offering a Path of Love, a path to love. The first workshop is called; “Passing on the Gift of Love” and this gift is something we must first receive in order to give abundantly. The second follows on from the first; “Let Go and Remember Love” and the third takes us to “Where only Love can Be”. These experiences take each person on their own unique journey, aware of my stories, my experiences, my journey, yet finding their own alongside mine. In this I am living my purpose, to find the beauty within each of us and help it to shine, to bring that beauty out, and into our world.

If you are interested in these workshops, please contact me. Mostly they happen because someone decides to gather a group together, and they invite me to come and lead the workshop for them. The full workshop notes are available for anyone who has done the workshop and thinks that they would like to “pass it on” themselves; some have done this already, if necessary translating it themselves into the language of their own country.

Healing as Love

My purpose as a healer is to open people to recieve; most of us are too busy giving to others, often people believe that sacrifice and suffering is the path of life, but it need not be so, love is the kinder choice, love is who God is. Suffering does not bring healing, unless it takes us down to a place we do not like and eventually choose to change, and it is often in that moment that the Soul intervenes and presents the opportunity to find a new way, and the new way is the path to love. “God who is Love” created everything, and holds everything that exists in a matrix of love, and the presence of love in our world is the manifestation of the presence of “God who is Love” in our dimensions. So healing is simply opening to the love that nourishes us and allowing it to flow freely in our being, and it is this that allows miracles to happen.

I have been a member of the Healing Trust since 1997 and became a Tutor in 2000; I was teaching healing in Adult Education evening classes from 1997, and hundreds came to open their awareness to this lovely gift that we all have, this gift of healing. On my travels I gave healing treatments wherever I went, in Jerusalem, in Galilee, in Qumran, in Germany, in Netherlands, in France, in Poland, in India, in Canada, and in USA too. My awareness of the depth of wonder in this gift of healing grew most in Galilee, in the presence of the spirit of Jesus and his young brother Thomas, and here I received directly from them the visions of what is happening when we open to love.

If you are interested in receiving healing, please contact me. Maybe we can meet on my travels, or you can come to Scotland and stay a few days to receive a course of healing sessions and conversations, maybe also walking and talking along beside the sea and the cliffs. People do come simply to learn more about living in their heart, the most healing thing of all.

"Domus Galilaeae"

The Catholic Church built this new centre “Domus Galilaeae”  for priests to find their vocation in the places where it all began. My time living in Galilee was here too, high on the mountainside some 1,200 ft above the Sea of Galilee; it was in construction when I lived there in 2002, but now it is complete, and visitors of all faiths are welcome.

Jesus and his disciples

This is a closer view of their beautiful statue of Jesus and his disciples, with the Sea of Galilee far below;

Jesus and his disciples

In this chapel underneath, two people are in prayer for the world for every minute of every day and night.

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