Where Only Love Can Be

The Third of the Extraordinary Workshops on the Path to Love
Try to Imagine how it is to See another with the Eyes of God

This workshop is evolving into a new and deeper experience, taking us into a new level of the Divine in the place “Where only Love can Be”.

This journey flows on along the Path to the Divine Soul which we started in the second workshop “Let Go & Remember Love”. The path we follow was given to Bill in visions and in meditation; it is the way of the divine Soul, your eternal Soul, and we can safely travel along it with the Soul to guide us. We are taken into the Place of Love for the World, where only Love can be, everything else must be left behind.

Along the way you will enjoy the extraordinary experiences of an extraordinary journey, visit with us:-

The Place of Love for the World, where you are shown by Angels all that you must leave behind, and given the option to let it go

Walk with your Divine Soul, come here in the Trust of a little child, guided by your Soul, and Be Love in this place of Divine Love.

Feel the Energy of the Mother of the Universe, invite the feminine Love of God from the creation of the universe to come into your being

Join this to the Source of Love within our Universe, and so create a new Divine Harmony in the Living dimension, our dimension.

Create the Living Vortex around the Light Body, the new vision of a Star of Love brought to Bill by his Divine Soul, this is the “Love Body” through which we may become Living and Divine; Creating in us as Living Beings a new aspect of the Divine.

Feel the Dream of God who is Love that created All that Is; this is another way out of the turmoil of life, another way out of the vortex that is the Dream in which we are evolving, a way back through the beginning, into the Heart of God before Creation, into the Dream of God that became You, into Divine Love as a Living Being.

Take these further steps along the way to the Divine that you are, come closer to God who is Love, be forever changed.


If you have not taken the first two workshops, the Gift of Love and Let Go and Remember Love, it is important to do these before taking this workshop.

Go to the Workshops page for information on Dates and Locations, and contacts where these are known. Sometimes courses happen at short notice, so please contact Bill anyway if you are interested, saying where you live, and he will try to help you.

"Domus Galilaeae"

In this workshop we travel beyond all that we know in life, into realms of purity and light

Jesus and his disciples

the Soul’s path has been here many times before,

Jesus and his disciples

it is the end of the outbreath of each life,

Jesus and his disciples

and we can only visit here with the Soul to guide us.

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  • Liz Weir - a most special fellow traveller on this great spiritual journey, healer and teacher too.

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