Bill shows us that the way to healing the depth of our own being is to open to the living stream of Love that inspires and renews us, balances and unites us, and connects us to the divine within. Once we are in this connection with the living life energy of love, we can open our hearts and start to live as love. This is the essence captured in the first workshop:-

“Passing on the Gift of Love” is learning to Be in your Heart, learning to Love and to Receive Love; it is for those who are seeking after Truth; the experience of being touched by the Divine transcends thoughts and words, and cannot ever be captured in words, it has to be experienced.

The object of the second and third workshops is to open the doorway into the Divinity of the Human Spirit:-

“Let Go and Remember Love” takes us into the Pathway to our Eternal Soul, moving us step by step closer to Divine Love

“Where Only Love can Be” takes us beyond anywhere we have ever been before and into the level of Divine Love, into the Place Where Only Love can Be.

This is the message of our time, and this message is the call of every Soul to every Being on Earth, to bring us all to the Divine that we are.

Bill is a true pioneer, a Seeker after Truth, he has been shown the way to a New World, and he wants you to share this vision and to find your own path to Enlightenment.

These workshops happen because someone decides that they want to have this unique experience of Love, and so they bring a Group together for a Workshop. Sometimes the workshops come together at very short notice, even a few days; if you are interested in creating a Group for a Workshop, please contact Bill to arrange a date.

Some Recent Tributes

Maggie from Virginia said:- “please know what a gift it was meeting you and knowing you.”

Tracy from Tyneside, after the workshop “Passing on the Gift of Love” said:- “you are a gift to the universe.” and “thank you so much for such a wonderful loved up weekend! I really enjoyed it……. I feel so well and good!”

"Domus Galilaeae"

Wherever we go there may be unexpected opportunities for learning, from an old tree who was young there in Auschwitz when millions suffered,

Jesus and his disciples

from an ancient statue of the Mother that was old when this chapel was young,

Jesus and his disciples

from six days of walking with the Soul on the old mediaeval pilgrims paths,

Jesus and his disciples

from all that is majestic and beautiful in our world.

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  • Liz Weir - a most special fellow traveller on this great spiritual journey, healer and teacher too.

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I have no permanent base, so please contact me through my email:-

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